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Author Archives: Jesse Goolsby

Anticipated Fiction of ’15 Lists

I’m thrilled to have I’D WALK WITH MY FRIENDS IF I COULD FIND THEM on several most anticipated fiction of 2015 lists! What an honor to share space with some of my favorite authors and their fantastic books. It’s certainly part joy, part nervousness as I hope the novel warrants the initial interest! One list, from presented with this fantastic visual, which I’m just in love with:  

On the Best Advice Writers Ever Received (from The Millions)

I really enjoyed the wide-ranging choices from these fantastic writers on the best advice they’ve ever received. Find the full article HERE. A couple favorite selections: Richard Bausch, author of Before, During, After; Peace Mary Lee Settle to me in 1981, when I had just published my second novel and was having trouble getting started again: “Aw, Sweetness, you’ve just got to get stupid again, watch a lot of dumb movies and read a bunch of … Continued

American Literature of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

The New York Times has a fantastic piece about the literature of Iraq and Afghanistan. Find it HERE. Renown NYT’s Book Critic Michiko Kakutani investigates several of the prominent books (and authors/journalists) who have started what is sure to be a wave of literature on the deep personal cost of our Nation’s two longest wars. I’m very fortunate to know and respect many of the those that Kakutani highlights in the article. I also know many, many … Continued

Brian Turner’s My Life as a Foreign Country

Brian Turner has written a masterpiece with his memoir My Life as a Foreign Country. It’s a book that is not to be missed. I was so glad to see it make Powell’s Books impressive list of The Best Nonfiction of 2014. The beautiful write-up from Norton: “In this breathtaking memoir, award-winning poet Brian Turner retraces his war experience—pre-deployment to combat zone, homecoming to aftermath. Free of self-indulgence or self-glorification, his account combines recollection with the … Continued